Monday, August 6, 2012

Can't Sleep? Me Neither, Honey :)

Can't Sleep? Me Neither, Honey :)

But there's good news! No school tomorrow! SO I have some things on my mind... My youngest brother, Austin, has surgery tomorrow... He won't be able to swim or play outside for a while after his surgery. My birthday is coming up and one thing I want the most is for him to be able to meet my friends and swim and play with us. As weird as you may think it is, I'm fourteen, about to be fifteen, and I love my little brothers. That's something I've been thinking about a lot lately. I have three little brothers. Austin, the two year old. Jason, the hyperactive six year old. And then there's Tristan. Whom I've never met. And probably never will. but, I've been thinking about my brothers a lot. I wish they could all be there for my birthday... unfortunately i only get to have one of them here this year.
OMG I totally forgot to introduce myself before i started rambling! My name is Mia Rae. You already know I have three brothers. My best friend, Maggie Mae, is basically the sister I've never had. And my dog, Sparrow, is truly man's best friend. I live with my dad, step mom, and my baby brother, oh and of course the dog and our fish! My favorite colors are purple and black, but all colors are pretty to me... Don't judge! My favorite food is ramen noodles. And I hated being home schooled. I miss my friends and a lot of my family.

So enough about me. If ya can't sleep, try listening to music. drink a glass of warm milk. spray your fave perfume. meditate, or count backwards from 100.  that's all i got for right now! sorry i couldn't help more!

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